Conchita Guava Paste - x3 packs of 400g - AMERICAN IMPORT
x3 packs of Guava Paste
  • Conchita Paste.
  • Quality since 1937.
  • All natural.
  • Most popular brand
  • No preservatives.
  • No gluten.
  • No Artificial Colours or flavours

1937 - Industrias Ferro, S.A. is created to manufacture and market Conchita brand products

1944 - Conchita starts manufacturing for the US Armed Forces

1950s - Conchita continues to grow and becomes one of the leading food brands in Cuba

1959 - Cuban government nationalizes Industrias Ferro, S.A.

1964 - Sixto C. Ferro begins canning some fruits in Costa Rica and resurrects the Conchita brand

1967 - Conchita Foods, Inc. is formed to formalize the business in the United States

1993 - The second and third generation Ferros start to expand the product line from what had been just canned fruits and beans to the product line today

2014 - The third generation Ferros assume operation of Conchita Foods and are working to continue growing the company

Conchita Guava Paste 3x pack of 400g